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Coi Leray was born on May 11th, 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite being born in Bean Town, she moved to Hackensack, New Jersey soon after where she was raised and spent a considerable part of her life alongside five brothers and a mom who worked as a bartender. Before Coi Leray would become a rising star in the world of hip-hop thanks to tracks like “Huddy”, “Did It”, and “No More Parties”. Before Coi Leray would get into a social media war with her very own father, former rapper Benzino. Before Coi Leray would have over 332K subscribers on YouTube, 142K followers on Twitter, and almost 2.5 Million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording. As far as Coi Leray is concerned, her time is now. This young woman is poised to become one of the most popular emcees in the game by spreading her contagiously positive energy with her music. It’s a lifestyle that she’s already ingeniously branded, “Everything COZ”. Coi emerged onto the hip-hop scene in 2017, but she has music running through her veins thanks to her father being Boston’s very own, Benzino – a man who has helped her navigate the waters of fame while, at the same time, threatened to capsize her ship. These two have something of a love/hate relationship for reasons I’ll get into in a little bit, but needless to say with the release of Coi’s latest hit song “No More Parties”, where she heavily criticizes her pops, things have taken a bit of a turn for the worst in terms of this relationship. That being said, Coi is more than prepared to stand on her own two feet and embrace the fame that is quickly rushing her way.

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