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It’s a wild conversation when Mike Holston aka The Real Tarzan swings by the I Am Athlete set and the guys talk about Orca Whales, Black Mambas and how studying animals translates into understanding human behaviors. Chad, a known animal lover, reiterates his passion for orcas and lifelong desire to swim with the killer whale as he shows off his orca tattoo on his legs. Holston says everyone has an “inner tarzan” in them and commends Chad for using his strength to fuel his play on the football field.

Holston recounts his journey and how his love started when he was 3 years old and led him into making a successful career out of his passion. Brandon is in awe of Holston’s story and the fact that a black man was able to carve out a unique niche and become king of the jungle. Channing, holding Sasha the snake for the beginning of the conversation, respects what Holston has done to show young kids, especially minorities, that no dream is unreachable, even if it seems out of the ordinary.

Fred and Chad learn of Brandon’s snake phobia as they see him squirming as the snake hisses curling around Channing in the chair. The guys have an intervention with Brandon and coach him up to face his fear which leads to a tense 30 seconds on set.

Chad who says he would have either been a veterinarian or zoologist if never making it as a NFL wide receiver, poses the question to the others asking what they would have done for work if they didn’t make it as professional athletes which prompts Brandon to talk about a pivotal story from his college years. Doing what you love hopefully turns into a monetary career but following your dreams is also very daunting to start when so much is put into it with little financial gain. Brandon opens up to the guys about his challenge to follow in the footsteps of his father selling drugs because it was fast money or to stay the course of his dreams even if it meant living without to get through.

Of Course no episode can be complete without the ongoing debate of Ocho vs Science as Brandon and Chad battle over their divided thoughts and lure Holston into picking sides and choosing between which one of the receivers he would want as his X. The on set competition continues as Fred and Channing talk about lining up against each other and doing something for love or for money. Chef Nancie joins the conversation offering up her take that having a passion for what you do is more important than chasing the money, if you do something you love long enough, the money will follow. Missing the last conversation about manscaping, Chad takes advantage of the opportunity to ask Channing about how he keeps his “man areas” manicured while Holston says part of living in the wild is being all natural.

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